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Group texting is a popular way for families and friends to communicate, but it can be overwhelming and inefficient when trying to make decisions or plan events.
To enhance the group text experience and help people gather offline, I propose Gather, a new iMessage feature.
Tell you the problem without telling you the problem.
Elevated the group text experience & reduced decision-making talks

By improving the group text experience and catering to the lifestyles of families and friends, iMessage can satisfy its users and encourage them to stay on the same platform.

Smart and fun communication with Gather 📨 and Draw Lots 🎲

Gather is a playful and efficient way to collect everyone's opinions without the need for individual replies, helping families and friends come together.

Don’t miss important messages

The Gather notification will pop up and prompt users to respond to messages, ensuring that everyone's input is collected.

Simplify decision-making

Users can choose from given options and see the results of a message, without the need for an organizer to narrow down opinions.

Keep track of Gather history

Gather results are saved on the group profile, making it easy to refer to past decisions.

Attach Gather to messages

Users can attach Gather as other media, selecting an attachment type (invite, vote, assign), inputting the information, adding the attachment, and sending!

Gather 📨

Gather 📨 is a message attachment that allows users to attach a vote🗳️, invitation💌, or assignment👥 to their message. Message receivers can answer without sending a message by choosing options from the attachment.

Draw lots 🎲

Draw Lots 🎲 allows users to play games to add some fun and excitement when making a decision, without thousands of back and forth messages.

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