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Caremate is a healthcare insurance provider that prioritizes its customers' health and offers transparent service. The company aims to bridge the gaps in care by ensuring that patients receive timely medical attention.
Caremate believes that providing timely care can help maintain the health of its customers, prevent severe illnesses, and keep them satisfied with the service.
How can we address the issue of care gaps for individuals who are unable to receive timely care?
Gaps in care on full-timers

It has been observed that individuals who work full-time during the day often face difficulties in scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals as these are usually offered during regular working hours.

Eliminating care delays

We can't increase the number of care providers or providers' business hours, but we can help full-timers schedule an appointment efficiently.

Sync your calendar

By syncing the user's calendar, Caremate can filter out appointment time slots when they have other commitments and display their calendar on the same screen while scheduling an appointment.

Care-appointment-centered landing page

When users sign in, the appointment schedules are the first piece of information they see. This serves as a reminder and enables them to navigate to the details of their appointments immediately.

Sync your calendar is just easy

Syncing calendars is just a matter of a few clicks. Users can connect their calendars by granting access from an existing third-party calendar account.

Filtering overlapped schedules

The system automatically blocks the time when users have other commitments based on their synced calendar, allowing them to view all available options when switching off the filter.

Reviewing my schedule on the same screen

Users can review their calendars while scheduling appointments without having to switch back and forth between screens.

Final check and save it on my calendar

Users can view their day at a glance and confirm the appointment before setting up notifications and adding it to their calendar as desired.

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